Resuming iPhone Course – Finally

9 08 2010

Back in January I had this grand idea I was going to take the CS193P course and learn how to code in Objective C.  After changing jobs and being dropped in the fire at my new job there was no time to continue with the course.  But now I’ve finally got some additional free time and my company is actually allowing us to do mobile application research during some down time we have right now.

I’ve made it through the first 4 lectures and I’m finally getting familiar with the Objective C syntax for properties, memory management, and messaging (invoking methods).  If you have some skill in programming this course is great.  If you’re a noob you might as well skip it.  You really need a grasp on basic programming skills to even think about coding Objective C unless you have a ton of time on your hands.

I’ll have you know I also installed Eclipse and the Android Developers Toolkit.  I would really like to be able to build for both platforms when I finally have that awesome App idea.  Android looks pretty easy, and I already know my way around Eclipse so the learning curve shouldn’t be too bad.


Google Toolbar adds Chrome New Tab Page

3 04 2009

I especially like the Chrome new tab home page that shows your recently and frequently visited pages.  Its like a super quick visual bookmark page that automatically updates itself.  But Chrome didn’t cut it for me as a browser just yet.  I love the isolated process model they are using, especially considering how many time Firefox crashes on me, but I need access to a few toolbars for Web development and debugging that are available in Firefox, such as Firebug, Web Developer, and Colorzilla to name a few.

Luckily this new tab home page is now available in the Google Toolbar Beta version for Firefox.

Just use this as your home page:


Pandora Gadget for Vista Sidebar

6 02 2009

Normally, I don’t have the Vista Sidebar running, but I have a new reason to have it running now:  no extra tab or Firefox window required to listen to my Pandora stations!

I honestly like Vista, especially on my macked out machine I use at work.

Enabling More Than 2GB of Memory in Visual Studio 2008

24 09 2008

I have constantly been getting errors while doing builds in Visual Studio 2008 as well as doing searches that say I’m out of storage, along the lines of:

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

My computer has 4GB of RAM so I shouldn’t be running out of memory.  Thanks to Google and Steven Harman my problems seem to be solved!

Hacking Visual Studio To Use More Than 2GB of Memory

The first thing to do is tell the OS to increase the amount user-mode memory from 2GB to 3GB. If you’re running a 64-bit you can skip this step.

  • for Windows XP: Backup the boot.ini file and then put the /3GB switch in your boot.ini. (more information on the /3GB option)
  • for Vista: run the following from the Visual Studio command prompt (Brad Rutkowski has the full scoop):
       1:  BCDEDIT /Set IncreaseUserVa 3072

Then we have to make Visual Studio large address aware.

  1. Be sure to backup devenv.exe
  2. Using the Visual Studio command prompt, navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9\Common7\IDE\
  3. execute the following command:
       1:  editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE devenv.exe

Finally we’ll use the old Microsoft-fix-all – reboot the machine. Bounce that box!