Listening to K-LOVE on TuneIn Radio

1 12 2011

Recently K-LOVE had their internet stream removed from the TuneIn Radio iPhone App.  I listen to K-LOVE quite often on my commute and in the office, so that was a bummer for about a week or so.  I found I can manually add it back into TuneIn and thought I would share the solution.

  1. On My Presets click on Add new custom URL at the bottom.
  2. Add this URL:

I’m a huge fan of the TuneIn Radio app and I respect the fact that they honor a radio station’s request to remove them from the directory, but I’m very glad I can add any custom URL I want to the app.


CS 193P iPhone Application Development

26 01 2010

I’m auditing the iPhone development class at Stanford.  So far I’ve made it through the first week and the projects have been a great introduction to Objective-C and the Foundation frameworks.  The video of the lectures are posted on iTunes U and the projects are accessible on their website.

I’ll be blogging on how it’s going, and when I have an app built and on the App Store (assuming they approve my app)  I’ll be sure to let the world know.  I’ve been wanting to get started on iPhone Development since I bought my MacBook last summer and it just hasn’t happened for me yet.  This is a good way to get a great introduction with some guidance…..for free!